“Tawasol” Feedback System on Business Inspection Performance enables business owners to assess inspection procedures carried out by inspectorates and provide relevant feedback and suggestions regarding; inspection visits, as well as inspectors’ overall performance, behaviors, cooperation and procedure compliance, in order to enhance the implemented processes.  

How to fill the Survey:

Business owners are required to fill a short, straightforward survey - obtained by:


·         Through Tawasol website you can select the inspectorate who conducted the visit.

·         Answer the survey by choosing the answer which best suites your experience.

·    Or, by downloading ‘Tawasol’ mobile application on smartphones, and follow the previous steps.


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Tawasol is a user-friendly and time-efficient electronic system that facilitates the provision of feedback on inspection processes from anywhere, at any time and with full confidentiality. The system allows to analyze issues, obstacles and suggestions presented by business owners, determine their causes and look into possible methods to overcome them.  

Once the forms are received by the participating regulatory entities, measures are taken to analyse the observations and comments, after which a report is developed in order to improve the inspection visits.

National Inspection Reform Program


Tawasol is part of the National Inspection Reform Program, which is executed by the MoITS in cooperation with the IFC - a member of the World Bank Group - and is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).