Question: Why I am being asked to provide feedback?
Answer : The feedback is a very important tool to help the inspectorates monitor their overall performance in order to improve the services rendered to the private sector, and to improve the inspectors’ skills and competencies in the field

Question: Who will read the feedback I provide?
Answer : The feedback provided will be accessed by the management of the inspection directorate, and the top management at the ministry or agency itself. Each ministry/agency will access the feedback provided about its own inspection directorate, but not the feedback related to inspection directorates at other ministries/agencies. The Higher Committee for Inspection Reform can have access to the feedback provided for all ministries/agencies.

Question: How is this feedback used by the inspectorates?
Answer : Each inspectorate can view the answers to individual questionnaires, and can generate aggregate reports summarizing results of all responses received from the various users. Reports can also be generated over a specific period of time or for a specific geographical location. The system is designed to help the inspectorates monitor their overall performance in inspecting on businesses.

Question: How will the inspectorates respond to the feedback provided?
Answer : Inspectorates will analyze the individual and aggregate feedback received. This analysis includes detecting strengths and areas of improvement, and comparing trends over time and across locations. The inspectorates will make use of this analysis to develop and enhance their procedures, systems and practices where needed and whenever possible.

Question: What is the use of the tracking number generated upon submitting the questionnaire?
Answer : This is an automatically generated tracking number. It can be recorded and used by the respondent to follow up with the inspectorate on the feedback provided should he/she wish to do that. It also serves as a reference number for the inspectorate in case they want to access the feedback (especially the free text comments) provided in a specific questionnaire.

Question: Will the inspectorates report back to me if I use the system to file a complaint?
Answer : The inspectorates will treat the information submitted as anonymous and apply it in the aggregate as a way to monitor and improve their overall performance in serving businesses. Inspectorates will report back to individuals only when the individual contacts the inspectorate and inquires about their response, referencing their tracking number.

Question: How often I can provide feedback using this application?
Answer : After each inspection visit by the respective inspectorate .

Question: Whom should I contact if I have a technical problem with the application?
Answer : You can use the “Contact Us” link on the homepage of this website for any inquiries .

Question: Where do I go if I need additional information about inspection?
Answer : Additional inspection information can be found at the websites of the relevant inspectorates or by calling the inspection directorates or customer service departments.