Amman, April 2015 - The Amman Chamber of Commerce (ACC) has organized a workshop  about the ‘Tawasol Feedback System on Business Inspection Performance’ - which is part of the National Inspection Reform Program - underscoring efforts to raise awareness on the benefits ‘Tawasol’ mobile application offers- to various business sectors. Held in partnership with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply (MoITS), the workshop took place at the ACC premises, in the presence of a number of commercial and service companies based in Amman.

During the event, ACC Director General, Muhannad Al-Attar, expressed his gratitude towards the IFC for its efforts in organizing the workshop in collaboration with the ACC and the MoITS, and for helping develop the ‘Tawasol Feedback System on Business Inspection Performance’. Al-Attar emphasized the vital role ‘Tawasol’ mobile application plays in saving cost, time and effort for both the public and private sectors, as well as in advancing the Kingdom’s business and commercial sectors, thus positively contributing to the development of the national economy as a whole.


Tawasol is a user-friendly and time-efficient electronic system that facilitates the provision of feedback on inspection processes from anywhere, at anytime and with full confidentiality. Business owners are required to fill a short, straightforward survey about their inspection visit. The survey can be obtained by downloading ‘Tawasol’ mobile application on their smartphones or by visiting


The workshop highlighted the features of ‘Tawasol’ mobile application, shed light on its positive outcomes to date, and educated the attendees on how to access, install and identify its key benefits and beneficiaries. The event also provided insights into the communication mechanism between business owners and institutions that carry out inspections. The workshop was aimed at improving inspections conducted by regulatory government entities that utilize the ‘Tawasol Feedback System on Business Inspection Performance’, namely the Ministry of Labour (MoL), Greater Amman Municipality (GAM), Civil Defense Directorate (CDD) and Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities (MoTA).


Furthermore, the workshop tackled the importance of feedback collected through Tawasol in helping regulatory government entities to monitor overall performance and improve inspection levels. The workshop was also geared towards enhancing the skills and capacities of inspectors during field visits, consequently boosting service levels offered to private sector establishments.


Regulatory government entities that deploy the ‘Tawasol Feedback System on Business Inspection Performance’ conduct inspections at 165,000 public establishments from across all sectors.