Amman, April 2015 - The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supplies (MoITS) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) have organized a training program for regulatory government entities that have adopted the Tawasol Feedback System on Business Inspection Performance’. Held on Monday 6 and Tuesday 7 April, 2015, at the MoITS premises, the training was attended by 25 representatives from the Ministry of Labour (MoL), Greater Amman Municipality (GAM), Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities (MoTA) and Civil Defense Directorate (CDD), in addition to the National Information Technology Center (NITC), which hosts and provides technical support for the ‘Tawasol Feedback System on Business Inspection Performance’. The training also drew the participation of representatives from the Social Security Corporation (SSC) and the Jordan Food and Drug Administration (JFDA), both of which will be utilizing ‘Tawasol’ mobile application in the near future.         


The training program was aimed at educating inspection department heads and assistants at regulatory government entities on how to operate ‘Tawasol’ mobile application and handle received data and information with utmost professionalism. They also learned how to analyze feedback from private sector establishments in a practical and efficient manner in order to improve inspection procedures.  

Tawasol is part of the National Inspection Reform Program, which is executed by the MoITS and participating regulatory entities, in cooperation with the IFC - a member of the World Bank Group - and is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Tawasol is a user-friendly and time-efficient electronic system that facilitates the provision of feedback on inspection processes from anywhere and at anytime. Business owners are required to fill a short survey - obtained by downloading ‘Tawasol’ mobile application on their smartphones or by visiting - about their inspection visit. Once the forms are received by the participating regulatory entities, measures are taken to analyze the observations and comments in order to improve the inspection visits.


By utilizing ‘Tawasol’ mobile application, regulatory entities are able to monitor and improve overall inspection performance, as well as enhance the skills and capacities of inspectors during field visits, consequently boosting service levels offered to private sector establishments.


Regulatory government entities that deploy the ‘Tawasol Feedback System on Business Inspection Performance’ conduct inspections at 165,000 private establishments from across all sectors. ‘Tawasol’ mobile application has been downloaded a total of 3,500 times, 350 of which are in the Kingdom. The ‘Tawasol Feedback System on Business Inspection Performance’ website attracts approximately 40,000 visitors per month.